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Have you ever encountered running on a freeway but can not go up more than 60 kph? Your diesel engine’s power is likely not maximized. Why? It is because of skipping your every six months preventive maintenance.

Diesel Engine Service for Its Timely Preventive Maintenance


Know first your diesel engine in the simplest way: Diesel-powered engines are similar to gasoline vehicles because both use internal combustion engines. One dissimilarity is that diesel engines have a compression-ignited injection system rather than a spark-ignited system used by mostly gasoline-powered cars. Fuel used in a diesel engine is ignited by the heat from compressing the air in the engine cylinder and engine’s combustion chamber and ignited by the high temperatures produced when the piston compresses the gas. Far from the emission control systems on a gasoline car, many diesel-powered cars have additional elements and ways to lessen carbon monoxide emissions and neutralize the dangers of nitrogen oxide emissions into harmless nitrogen and water. 

Now, this is how you can maintain the power of your diesel engine; the importance of having preventive maintenance every six months for the Diesel Engine Service of your diesel-powered car. This diesel engine service will prevent you from significant further damage when there has been a detection of minor repairs. For example, your vehicle is harboring dirt from your engine air filter. When this air filter has not been changed after a year or after 15,000 miles, you will notice that your fuel consumption is higher than before; this is because the engine is not getting enough oxygen that helps in fuel combustion of the engine. Blocked air passage lessens the intake of air, which causes an increase in fuel consumption. Keep this in mind and be on the lookout for this sign. Next to notice is when you rev your acceleration, your exhaust emits black smoke. This black smoke results from improper fuel and air ratio, the internal combustion using thick fuel with fewer oxygen results in black smoke. When your car’s exhaust emits black smoke, your car will definitely cause you to fail the emission testing when it is time for your car’s annual registration. To correct this matter, you can bring your diesel-powered vehicle to have its diesel engine serviced annually before registration so you can pass the emission testing with no doubts.

Filthy Filters Makes Faulty Engines


Running with a dirt-filled air filter chokes the engine. Restricting airflow will cause the engine to vibrate heavily and would produce unpleasant noise coming from the engine; such noise can be a popping sound or wost coughing sound as it grasps for air. This dirt-filled air filter will cause the engine to lose its power. Hence, when your diesel-powered engine loses power, it will burn more fuel, and it will cause the engine to work harder than usual. A shacky ride and a lousy combustion result in an uncomfortable, slow drive. 

Airfilter is the lung of the diesel-powered engine as it filters all the air it needs. Air filter replacement costs less than if taken for granted to have it replaced or cleaned. Problems will surface, and the technicians will perform more repairs for your vehicle should be done to bring back the power that your diesel engine usually possesses. 

To save you from unwanted expenses you could have controlled before it happened, have your car get its preventive maintenance every six months to ensure a safe and hassle-free ride. Preventative is better than the cure (part replacements, expensive repairs)

The Only Barrier that Preserves the Car Engine


Did you know that the air filter is the only barrier for engine contamination from dirt, grim and foreign objects entering your diesel engine to keep it running smoothly? Have you also thought of how vital the air filter is for your engine as it is the key to fuel efficiency? Yes, it is as simple as that. Having a clean air filter makes your car fuel efficient. Plus, when you drive with a clean air filter, acceleration will not give you a headache. Just breezy.



Having an excellent clean air filter will save you from internal motor problems for diesel engine repairs. Better yet, have your diesel engine serviced for preventive maintenance every six months to avoid major repairs. Craig’s Car Care for Diesel engine services has served Collin County for over two decades. Through those decades, advancement thru technology and certified technicians who underwent ASE certification has also been one of their core values, that is why they have established their grounds at Collin County. You can check their website and schedule an appointment with them to have your diesel-powered engine checked by only the professionals in the industry.

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