Alternator Repair: Restoring Optimal Charging Performance

Alternator Repair

Welcome to Craig’s Car Care – your ultimate destination for superior and professional alternator repair services. With a team of ASE-certified Automotive technician and a dedication to ensuring your car’s electrical system runs smoothly, you can always trust us with your vehicle. We understand the integral role the alternator plays in your car, supplying power to your lights, radio, wipers, and other electronics. Therefore, it’s our duty to ensure it’s always in excellent condition.

Comprehensive Alternator Repair Services

At Craig’s Car Care, we proudly provide expert alternator repair services to our local community. Serving the greater Allen area, we specialize in alternator repair, ensuring your vehicle’s charging system functions optimally. 

If your alternator starts making a whining noise, your car shows signs of a bad starter, or your battery light flickers; it’s a sign that your vehicle needs immediate attention. Our team of expert automotive technician will thoroughly inspect your car’s alternator system, checking for issues like a worn brush, faulty diodes, or a damaged alternator pulley.

Our services are designed to be efficient and effective. We strive to ensure your vehicle is back on the road with a properly functioning alternator that charges your car battery, powers your headlights, and keeps your electrical system running smoothly.

Car Alternator

At Craig’s Car Care, our ASE-Certified technicians understand the crucial role that the alternator plays in your vehicle’s performance. Our experienced team is equipped to diagnose these issues promptly, determining their cause and providing effective solutions. Whether your car is having trouble starting or your electrical systems are facing problems, we can ensure a smoothly functioning alternator.

We recognize that navigating vehicle repairs, particularly those concerning the alternator, can be daunting. At Craig’s Car Care, we aim to simplify this process for you. Our comprehensive alternator repair service includes checking the integrity of the wiring and the condition of the serpentine belt that drives the alternator. This meticulous inspection ensures optimal operation of your alternator, powering key features like the radio, headlights, and charging ports. Trust Craig’s Car Care for all your alternator repair needs – we’re committed to keeping your vehicle performing at its best.

Our Alternator Services


Our certified automotive technician will perform a detailed inspection of your charging system. They will test the battery and check the alternator’s output voltage. 

Repair and Replacement

If your alternator needs repairing, we’ll start by disconnecting the car battery. Our team will remove the serpentine belt and unbolt the alternator from its mount. After disconnecting the wiring, we’ll inspect the alternator for worn components like brushes, diodes, and the rectifier. If these parts are beyond repair, we’ll advise you on replacing your alternator with a remanufactured or a new one.

We’ll also replace the plastic cover that shields the alternator, tighten any loose bolts, and make sure that the serpentine belt is in good condition. If the belt appears worn, we’ll replace it to ensure your car’s alternator runs smoothly.

Post-Repair Testing

Once the new alternator is installed or the old one is repaired, we’ll reconnect the battery and start the engine. Our automotive technician will again test the alternator’s output voltage to ensure it’s supplying the correct DC volts to the battery. This process is crucial to confirm that the alternator repair or replacement was successful.

Comprehensive Warranty

At Craig’s Car Care, we stand behind our work. We offer a warranty on all our alternator repairs and replacements. Our warranty is a sign of the trust we place in the quality of our services. It’s our way of ensuring you drive away with peace of mind, knowing your alternator will perform optimally for a long time.

Your Go-To Repair Shop: Craig’s Car Care

Craig’s Car Care is more than just a repair shop; we are a team of automotive professionals who provide exceptional service. Our automotive shop in Allen, TX, has the tools and expertise to handle all electrical problems, whether you need repair or replacement.

We do everything from testing the voltage regulator, examining the serpentine belt, checking the wiring, and installing a new alternator if required.

Expert Alternator Installation and Rebuild Services

Sometimes, replacing an alternator is the best option when it’s beyond repair. In such cases, we offer installation services. We can guide you on the best alternators to purchase for your specific car model and whether a remanufactured or brand-new one would be more suitable. We’ll help you understand the pros and cons of different alternator brands and types, ensuring you make an informed purchase.

In some cases, it might be more cost-effective to rebuild your current alternator instead of replacing it. Rebuilding involves removing only the worn-out or damaged components, which can often extend the life of your alternator without the need for a full replacement. At Craig’s Car Care, we provide alternator rebuild services in addition to our repair and replacement options.

Why Choose Craig’s Car Care?

Exceptional Expertise

Our ASE-certified Automotive technician have years of experience diagnosing, repairing, and replacing alternators. They understand the intricacies of every model’s charging system, ensuring that they can handle the job, from a minor repair to a complete alternator replacement.

Prompt Service

We understand the importance of resolving car issues swiftly, and that’s why our services are designed to be prompt and efficient. Our goal is to accurately address the problems during our initial intervention, saving you both inconvenience and precious minutes in the future.

Competitive Pricing

Our cost for alternator repairs and replacements is competitive and transparent. Before we initiate any work on your vehicle, we ensure you’re provided with all the essential information. This practice empowers you to make knowledgeable choices.

Customer-Centric Approach

We attentively hear out your issues, provide answers to your questions, and deliver constructive suggestions. Our proficient team will walk you through each step of the alternator repair process, ensuring you’re informed and comfortable.

Experience the Best at Craig's Car Care

Bring your vehicle to Craig’s Car Care, where our experienced automotive technician will answer your questions. We have served the Allen community for years, providing top-notch alternator repair services. We believe in transparency and effective communication, so we’ll give you a detailed list of necessary repairs and explain the best way to maintain your car’s health. 

Visit our auto repair facility today and experience the quality service that has made us a trusted choice for many. Don’t let your car problems linger; address them now for a good, worry-free driving year ahead!